Top Tips For Amazing Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos will bring back precious memories of your wedding day in the years to come, and are valuable souvenirs of this special day. Your wedding album may even outlive you, and offer glimpses of your wedding day to your future generations of children and grandchildren. Hence these pictures should not only document the important events of the day, but also capture you in the best light.

With some prior planning, you can enjoy amazing wedding photos. Here are some tips from the bridal experts at Best for Bride in Canada, to help you make the most of your wedding day photography.

Find the right photographer

The quality of your wedding photos will depend on the talent and expertise of your wedding photographer. There are different types of wedding photography, ranging from documentary style to classic and even artistic photography. Take a look at this article on the Knot website to understand the differences between each style. Try to identify the style that matches your expectations, and find the right person for the job. Check out portfolios of different photographers to identify whether you like their style. Make your decision accordingly.

Schedule an engagement photo session

Most couples are unaware of what to expect at their wedding day photography session. They may feel conscious and uncomfortable when posing for photos. Engagement photos allow you to familiarise yourself with your photographer’s working style. Plan an engagement photo session with your wedding photographer to understand how he works. This will help you ease up in front of the camera. You can also see how the photos turn out for yourself. This also gives you the opportunity to suggest changes to your photographer if necessary.

Do your make-up with care

Not all makeup and hairstyles are photogenic. Although a cosmetic detail may look great in person, it may not translate well in photos. So, have a makeup and hairstyle trial before your wedding and click photos to check how it looks on camera. You can see if the colors turn out well, and tweak or alter details according to your taste. Glitter makeup and fake tans are best avoided or done in moderation, as they do not always look good in photos.

Practice your poses

Use the mirror to practice your best poses for your wedding day photo shoot. Revisit pictures you have taken in the past and identify ones where you look best. Observe the profile and posture you adopted in those pictures. Then practice these in front of the mirror. Practice them several times on a regular basis.

By the time of your wedding, you should be able to settle into these poses quickly every time you are in front of the camera. Continuous practice will ensure you are comfortable doing so, without any difficulty.

Pay attention to details

Look online and in older pictures and magazines to find inspiration for your poses. Although your photographer will instruct you, you can also do some homework. Small details, like how you place your hands, rest your face or the angle at which you look at the camera will significantly alter the effect of the images. Choose natural looking poses, but ensure you have the details planned out to look your best. Also pay attention to the background. The composition will appeal better to you if it is taken in a backdrop you like. Discuss this factor with your photographer so you can identify whether outdoor or indoor shots are better for the different pictures on your list.

Smile naturally

Your best accessory is your smile. Weddings are happy occasions, and your pictures should reflect joy and excitement. Make a visit to your dentist and get your smile picture-perfect before the big day. Then smile naturally every time the camera is on you. Fake grins look terrible in pictures. So, if you are too exhausted to smile for a picture, smile with your eyes instead. This looks sincere, and beats a fake smile anytime. Take a look at this tutorial on the Wikihow website and learn how to do this right.

Include time for touch-ups in your wedding timeline

As the day progresses, your makeup will fade and your hairstyle will look tired. However, you want all your wedding photos to look great. Have touch-up sessions throughout your day to freshen yourself up.

Carry an emergency kit with your hair and makeup essentials, and use it every now and then. Make sure you touch up after you eat or drink anything. Also plan a relaxed wedding day timeline, so your wedding photos aren’t rushed.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

Although your wedding photos are very important, you shouldn’t be obsessing about them all the time.

Enjoy every moment of your wedding day, and your photos will also turn out well. Don’t forget to relax and live every moment of your wedding day. Trust your photographer to do justice to your wedding photos, and follow his cues. Your wedding photos will tell a splendid story of your enjoyable wedding day, only if you actually enjoy it as you deserve to.

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